Favourite Movies

I love to be able to relax and watch a film whether on my own or with someone else, here is a list of some of my favourites.

  • Harry Potter series-Who doesn’t like Harry Potter I have read the books countless times and love the films just as much. It doesn’t matter your age these films are perfect for anyone.
  • Twilight series-Not everyone’s cup of tea but I loved the books and I love the films just as much.
  • Fast and Furious series-Not everyone would believe that this is something that I like to watch and a few years ago it wouldn’t have been, my boyfriend likes this film series and I was made to sit and watch them all many times and they began to grow on me and now I love them, each film made just gets better, cant wait for Fast and Furious 8 to come out this year. R.I.P Paul Walker.
  • Me before you-I read this book on my kindle and really enjoyed it, even got my mum to read it so I was so happy when they released the film of it, I was sceptical at first because sometimes a film can ruin a book because they can’t get everything into the film from the book. I wasn’t disappointed when I watched the film and it’s definitely something I will watch again and again, I just hope they release the follow up After you as well.
  • Bridget Jones-Every women can relate to Bridget Jones in some way, these are good films to watch if you need to have a laugh as well watching Bridget living he life the way she does.

These are just a few of my favourites there’s probably loads more that I cant even think of right now but these are the main go to films for me.

What are some of your favourite films to watch? Leave a comment down below to let me know.


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