What’s in my bag

I literally can’t go anywhere with out my bag.

The bag I use is the Michael Kors Ava Medium Satchel.


I try to keep my handbag as junk free as I can but sometimes it doesn’t happen and my bag becomes filled with stuff that I really don’t need in there, a few days ago I cleared my bag out which got me thinking about doing this blog post.

Here is what you would normally find in my bagimg_0089

Michael Kors purse-I love big purses so this is perfect for me it has so much room for everything that I need it for, I have even carried this without my bag because I can get my phone in there also, great for when I don’t want to carry my bag.



Impulse body spray-I love these because there just the right size to go in a handbag always have one with me.

Mirror-Always comes in useful if I need to check my make up when I’m out or anything else.

Lightening to 3.55mm adaptor-I like to keep this in my bag as I’m using it constantly,when in my boyfriends car I always plug my phone up to listen to Spotify whilst he’s driving but when I got the iPhone 7 I cant just plug it in, so always make sure I have that with me.

Cable for my power bank-I usually try and keep my power bank in my bag but haven’t really needed to keep it in there lately so I took it out but till have the lead for that in there as I keep it separate.

I haven’t bought a diary yet but that is usually in my bag as well but will be buying one soon ready for when I start my new job.

As I said I had a clear out and I had a lot of stuff in there that didn’t need to be in there (mainly receipts from all the Christmas shopping).

I have also been thinking about a schedule for when I will be posting to the blog and thought that I would post on Wednesdays and Sundays at 6pm.




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