How I like to relax

We all like to relax but everyone has different ways that they like to do it, I wanted to make a list of all the ways that I like to relax myself.

  • Have a nice long bath with lots of bubbles I prefer
  • Get into comfy clothes or pyjamas
  • Read a book, I like to also read whilst in the bath as I find this helps me to relax more and switch my mind off to things around me
  • Watch YouTube videos, Favourite TV show or a film
  • Read blogs
  • I always try to put my phone down but cant do it most of the tiem so I end up looking through Facebook or Instagram or even playing games on my phone but I find that this can help just as much to relax as it stops me thinking about whatever it is that I’ve been doing that day

These are the things that I do…what do you like to do?

This was just a short post today I will do a longer one next time, should be starting my new job soon so sorting everything out ready for that at the moment.


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