Out with the old!

I have spent the afternoon sorting through all the clothes in my room, making two piles one for what I want to keep and one for what I don’t want anymore. I found so many clothes that I haven’t worn in so long some of it made me ask myself why I still had it. I literally filled a rubbish bag up with what I didn’t want anymore and it will all be going to charity. Maybe will sort out my handbags next, I’ve  got quite a large collection of those and don’t use half of them and haven’t for a long time, I just don’t like to get rid of them coz there may be a time when I will be able to use it again…you never know.

It feels good to de-clutter I have been doing it slowly with everything the past  two weeks, and I feel so much better for it, like I said last week new start for me this year with everything and I start my new job on Monday so cant wait for that, I don’t know how it will effect my blog posts may have to change a bit so I make blog posts when I’m not at work but shouldn’t be to bad, I will sort that out when I know more next week.

Just a short post today, hope everyone’s having a good day and hope you all have a good weekend.



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