My week!

I’ve had a good week this week.

Its been a busy one, I started my new job on Monday so my week has been taken up from learning a new job and taking everything in, but I feel so much happier now than I have done in a long time which is what I wanted, its amazing.

I was surprised on Wednesday to see that I had been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award, this give that little extra boost that I needed this week, you can read my post on the award here. I was so happy when I seen this and didn’t expect it at all, I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks so never thought that I would get that right at this moment in time.

My mind set has changed so much over the past few weeks that I really want to start running again, I used to run 3 times a week, I had a good diet, I was a lot healthier and felt the good effects of this, slowly I stopped this and haven’t been now for about a year, but all the good things happening at the moment has made me want to do it again and get back to running up to 3 times a week, will keep you updated on that.

I want to thank everyone for following my blog at the moment there are 33 of you which I know is a small number but to me its big, I never expected or even thought that sp many people would be interested in what had to say, its such a good feeling.

I’ve got a few blog posts planned over the next few weeks that I want to do and I’m thinking of more all the time, never thought I would get into doing this like I have done this time but I’m so glad that I have.






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