30 day blogging challenge- Day 23

If you won the lottery…

I think if I won the lottery I  would probably use that money to buy a house for myself and my boyfriend as we want to move out but money is an issue right now.so that would definitely be top of my list.

I would make sure I completed my driving lessons and passed my test then use the money to buy a car that I really want,in fact I would probably end up buying my boyfriend his dream car also lol.

I would pay for us to go on holiday somewhere away from everyone just us that would be amazing.

What would you do if you won the lottery?




My weekend 

I had the weekend off work so I spent it with my boyfriend as he was off also.

We had quite a relaxed day Saturday we went round a friends house for a few hours to catch up with them, then in the evening we went bowling which I haven’t done in years so wasn’t very good at first but I got better and in the end our scores weren’t far off each other,we also had a go in the arcade aswel winning nearly 2000 tickets between us so as we were able to get some prizes for our nephew,I enjoyed this so much as we haven’t gone out like this in so long and it was nice to spend the time with him alone.

Sunday was a chill day,had a lie in,I was awake from 5:45 in the morning but didn’t get up until late in the morning which was nice to do.We then went round our friends again for the day,watched a few films on TV,and had a nice home cooked dinner together which was good.

Overall was a really good weekend spending some quality time with my boyfriend,and I get Wednesday and Thursday with him this week also.

30 day blogging challenge- Day 22

Your worst habits

  • Eating junk food-I try and eat as healthy as I can but a lot of the time I would just rather eat junk food,especially crisps they are my biggest weakness.
  • Not eating breakfast-Even though it’s meant to be the most important meal of the day I just cannot get myself to eat first thing in the morning,I may have the odd day where I do eat breakfast but very rarely.
  • Going to bed wearing makeup-Quite often I will fall asleep at night with all my makeup still on,it’s so bad for my skin and not a good look in the morning when I wake up with mascara smudged round my eyes,I have been really trying lately to not do this but sometimes I will be so tired that I fall asleep before I even think about it.

30 day blogging challenge- Day 20

What makes you happy

  • Reading-If I find a book that I really enjoy I just get lost in it when I’m reading, I literally go into my own little world and don’t think about anything that is going on around me.
  • Music-Listening to music when I’m feeling a bit low gives me a boost and really lifts my mood.
  • My boyfriend-He just knows how to cheer me up and makes me laugh when I need it.
  • My job-My job makes me happy because it’s so rewarding to know that you are helping others to live the life that they want but they can’t do that on their own,it really cheers me up to see the people I support happy.

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 17 – Your Favourite Blogs

Alice’s blog is amazing,she has some amazing posts and I recommend that you go check out her blog 😄

Planet Alice


This is such a nice idea!  I’ve seen loads of “blog awards” posts, but this is a nice little bit of selfless promotion.  Eeek! (Obviously, if any of you want removing from this list, or the biog changing please let me know, I definitely don’t mean any offence!)

  1. Twenty Something Tenacity

A lot of the blogs I follow have a mental health theme (they were the first reason I started my own up), but this is a particular favourite.  Maria writes with such a lovely tone, her pieces are always relate-able, whether about mental health, or lifestyle pieces, and I get so excited reading about people’s wedding preparations!

2. Amy’s Lifestyle Blog

Amy’s blog was the reason I started this challenge – and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far!  We started our blogs up at a similar time, so it’s nice watching someone who came from the same place as…

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