January Favourites

I love reading monthly favourites blog posts, and wanted to do this myself also and I am setting myself a goal to see if I will be able to do this every month.

Here are my favourites for January


Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg-I have read the 2 books previous to this in the series aswell so had to get this,this was given to me as a chritmas present.I love Girl Online and Girl Online Tour and this is definitely just as good,would recommend to anyone if they havnt read the books to do so.Before setting up thius blog I had made other blogs but had never kept up with it and just forgot about them,this book series is one reason that I have gone on to write thisd blog and so far I have been more consistant than I have been in the past.


Joop-Miss Wild perfume-Again this was a Christmas present and I love the scent of this perfume. The packaging is cute with the bow and skulls, the scent is floral but fruity at the same time which is nice. I like tom wear this during the day while I’m out and about.


Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner-I received this as part of a set for Christmas, I had never used this eyeliner before but it was one that I had looked at and thought about buying for myself but never got round to it. I have found this so easy to use when doing my eyeliner, there is a felt tip nib, whether you want a thick or a thin line this allows you to do both, and applies really easily, I’ve never been the biggest fan of liquid eyeliner and have always preferred to use a pencil but this has changed my mind slightly about liquid eyeliner.


Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara-This came in the same set as the eyeliner,again a product they I hadn’t used before,So far I have had no problems when using this mascara,the wand makes it easy to apply,it doesn’t clump when applying. I haven’t had any problems with it running or smudging either which is great as I’ve used a lot of different mascaras and have found that most of them do this. I would recommend this mascara for sure.


Blogging-I have really got into blogging since the beginning of the year, as I said before I’ve tried and failed with blogs in the past so I wanted to prove to myself this time round that I could do it and be consistent with posts. I’m enjoying everything about it so far from thinking and planning a post to actually writing it, with a schedule I think I will be able to keep it going, I may need to schedule posts sometimes but that’s what the options there for isn’t it. I’m also enjoying being able to read other blogs more and interact with others that have written them.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites and hopefully I will be able to make this post every month like I plan on doing.




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