30 day blogging challenge! Day 2

20 facts about me!

Right so for todays post I have to write 20 facts about myself…I could be here for  while.

1-I have a very unhealthy bag obsession,and I have way more bags than is really necessary,but you never know when I may need one.

2-I have 9 piercings altogether(May do a post about them in the future).

3-My natural hair colour is brunette.

4-I am 26 years old.

5-My favourite type of food is seafood.

6-I love the summertime, its my favourite .

7-I love to read, and never go without a book to read.

8-I have an NVQ 2 and 3 in Health and Social care.

9-I work as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities.

10-My feet are actually a size 2 but I can get away with a 3.

11-I’m 4 foot 11 inches tall.

12-I love citrus fruits.

13-My favourite TV pr ogramme is Friends.

14-I like to go fishing.

15-My favourite set of books is Harry Potter.

16-My favourite car is a Mini.

17-I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years.

18-My birthday is 25th July.

19-My favourite colours are pink and blue.

20-I overthink things a lot of the time and don’t end up doing things because of this.



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