30 day blogging challenge- Day 5

Proudest moment!

I can’t really think of any moments from when I was younger so here are a few moments where I can say I felt proud in the past few years.

I started my NVQ 3 in 2010 a few months after starting my job as a care assistant in the care home where I worked,this took me just over a year to complete and when I completed it I felt so good for doing it as this was the start to building my career.

I then started my NVQ 3 2013 and became a senior care assistant to progress with this and in my job,I found the level 3 a lot harder than the 2 as there was so much more involved with doing this,and at times I really felt like I wasn’t going to finish it.I stuck it out and completed it though.

As I’ve wrote about before I had a hard year last year,I wasn’t happy at all in my job and found myself feeling depressed and this caused a lot of anxiety.I had thought about finding another job before but could never do it as I felt that I had to stay in the job I was doing and just couldn’t leave.I took a big step in October last year and made the decision to find another job and knew that I had to do it for myself as I was doing myself no favours staying where I was.I got a job interview and about a week after I found out I had got the job,I was so happy as I had done it,and proved to myself that I could do other things and use my knowledge that I had built up over 7 years somewhere else.I have now been in my new job for nearly a month and I am so pleased that I done it as I feel I have started the process of getting over everything that was wrong with me last year,it was definitely the right choice to change jobs,and now I feel that I can move on in my life because of this.



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