30 day blogging challenge- Day 16

Thoughts on education

When I was younger I hated school, I didn’t like going at all, when I left school I went to college and didn’t really have a great time or experience there to be honest.

Now I am older and working I enjoy education a little bit more as training is a big part of my job, and I have to ensure that I have certain training to be able to do my job.

Over the past few years I have done quite a lot of training including 2 NVQ’s in Health and Social care, I am so pleased that I completed these as these are what will help me in my career to progress in my job role. I enjoyed these a lot more I still had to go to college but it was only once every couple of months and not everyday, lot of my work was done whilst I was working, I had to do written assignments as well, then my tutor had to visit me at work to observe me doing certain tasks all of this went towards my work. The written work was what I disliked doing the most as I always found it difficult to put down what I wanted to say, there were times when I wanted to quit but I’m glad that I stuck it out as that part of my education is what will benefit me the most in the future.

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