My weekend 

I had the weekend off work so I spent it with my boyfriend as he was off also.

We had quite a relaxed day Saturday we went round a friends house for a few hours to catch up with them, then in the evening we went bowling which I haven’t done in years so wasn’t very good at first but I got better and in the end our scores weren’t far off each other,we also had a go in the arcade aswel winning nearly 2000 tickets between us so as we were able to get some prizes for our nephew,I enjoyed this so much as we haven’t gone out like this in so long and it was nice to spend the time with him alone.

Sunday was a chill day,had a lie in,I was awake from 5:45 in the morning but didn’t get up until late in the morning which was nice to do.We then went round our friends again for the day,watched a few films on TV,and had a nice home cooked dinner together which was good.

Overall was a really good weekend spending some quality time with my boyfriend,and I get Wednesday and Thursday with him this week also.


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