30 day blogging challenge- Day 23

If you won the lottery…

I think if I won the lottery I  would probably use that money to buy a house for myself and my boyfriend as we want to move out but money is an issue right now.so that would definitely be top of my list.

I would make sure I completed my driving lessons and passed my test then use the money to buy a car that I really want,in fact I would probably end up buying my boyfriend his dream car also lol.

I would pay for us to go on holiday somewhere away from everyone just us that would be amazing.

What would you do if you won the lottery?





  1. It seems like the money would be well spent. I’m sure you deserve a great house and car and a holiday to relax. If I won, I would also buy a house and a car, go to med school (an old dream) and get pregnant immediately (really want to be a mom but we can’t afford it right now)

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