February Favourites 

I just thought that I need to do this post as I said in my January favourites that I want to try and do this every month.

There have been a few things that I have been enjoying during the past month so here are my February favourites.

Collection lasting perfection foundation


For the past few years I have used Rimmel Wake me up foundation and that is the only foundation I have liked, I have used others but nothing ever seemed right compared the Rimmel, I went into Superdrug a few weeks ago and needed a new foundation, I decided to try collection lasting perfection as I had heard good things about it in the past. I have been really loving this foundation and haven’t gone out to buy my wake me up foundation like I normally would if I wasn’t happy with a foundation. I got it in 4-warm beige and it matches my skin perfectly, and it has good coverage on the areas that I really need it, I have found that it lasts well as well even when I’m at work all day, and for £5.99 you cant go wrong really.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge


I received a set of 4 of these sponges for Christmas, I’ve never really liked to use sponges when apply make up always using brushes. I really like using this sponge to apply my foundation, it goes on so quickly and smoothly, and with the different sides I can get into different areas of my face to apply my foundation easier.

Fruit infusion bottle


I got this bottle from Primark for £4,I am always drinking water, especially when I’m at work. I love fruit flavoured water so this was perfect, I particularly like using lemon and lime in mine, cutting the fruit up and placing them into the infuser section, then filling the bottle with water, I find it best to leave mine overnight in the fridge to really get the taste into the water.

Fitbit Charge 2


I have been loving using my Fitbit everyday, tracking everything including steps taken, how much water I’ve had to drink, heart rate and how much sleep I have each night. I will be doing a review post on this so won’t write to much here now.

One with you(Crossfire) by Sylvia Day


I have enjoyed the crossfire series from the moment I discovered it, following the lives of Gideon and Eva. There are 4 books in total to read if you enjoyed 50 shades of grey you will enjoy this.


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