The blue sky tag!

I have had two nominations for this tag the first nomination was from Cheila and the second nomination was from Oriana,I want to say thank you to both of you for nominating me.


  1. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  2. Nominate 11 people 
  3. Give 11 questions 

Cheila’s questions

  1. Where in the world are you? The UK
  2. How many languages do you speak? One-English
  3. What is your biggest goal for your blog? To be able to write what I want,interact with others and read their blogs,im also aiming for 200 followers(currently on 174)
  4. What is your 5 year plan if you have one? I don’t really have a plan right now I just live how I want to live.
  5. How is your relationship with your parents? I have quite a good relationship with my parents,but that may be cos I’m never at home.
  6. How do you keep yourself organised? I’m not the best when it comes to organisation,i try to be organised but just doesn’t work for me,i have been trying really hard lately using my diary to organise my days with work and this blog.
  7. What is your favourite dessert? That’s a tough one and don’t think I could choose,i love anything Strawberry,lemon or mint flavoured.
  8. What are you afraid of? Spiders,Snakes these are probably the biggest fears.
  9. What are you absolutely bad at? Like I said previouisly I’m not good at organising.
  10. Which fictional character would you be best friends with? When I was younger I loved the books by Jaqueline Wilson,so it would probably have been a character from one of them books,cant decide which one cos there is so many of the books that I liked,it would defiantely be a character from Harry Potter,probably Hermione Granger.
  11. Can you name your top ten favourite blogs? I would need more than ten to name my favourites,i follow so many good blogs I wouldn’t be able to decide on the top ten.

Oriana’s questions

  1. What’s your favourite song? I am loving Ed Sheeran’s new album right now,so many good songs on there,love Galway Girl.
  2. What would you do if your pet started talking to you? Erm…probably record it on video so as others would believe me lol.
  3. Brownies or strawberry cake? Strawberry cake
  4. Do you play video games? Yeh love them.
  5. Which super power would you like to have? I would lke to fly,would make getting places so much easier.
  6. Which amount of something you don’t like can you eat? Noy a lot,if I don’t like it I wont eat it.
  7. From where do you come from? The UK
  8. Do you always prefer quality even if it’s expensive? Depending what it is then yes,handbags,clothes etc last so much longer.
  9. What kind of pizza wouldn’t you like to eat? Pineapple
  10. Complete this sentence: Do or do not… There is no try.
  11. Gold or silver? Gold

My nominations

11 questions

  1. Where do you come from?
  2. What are your blogging goals?
  3. What is your favourite type of food?
  4. Favourite TV show?
  5. Where do you want your blog to be in a years time?
  6. Which fictional world would you like to be a part of?
  7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
  8. Do you do any sports?
  9. Favourite music?
  10. Do you have any pets?
  11. Why did you make your blog and how long have you been blogging for?



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