Weekly recap 13/3/2017-19/3/2017

I wanted to start doing weekly recap posts each week of what I have been up to etc,so heres my first post on this.


I had the day off worl so spent the day with my boyfriend,we just spent the day relacing,went round to see some friends,we went down to the beach for a walk also.


I had a lazy morning just catching up on everyones blog posts and watching YouTube videos.I then had to start work at 4pm-10pm doing a sleep in shift also,so didn’t really get up to much on this day.


It was my mum’s birthday,so after finishing work and walking home at 7am, I gave her her presents and card.Again I had a lazy day,we went out for a meal to a pub at lunch time,which was delicious, I had homemade macaroni cheese with garlic bread, this was possibly one of the best macaroni cheese I have eaten, followed by chocolate cheesecake for pudding, 3 glasses of wine also went with this meal. I was so full from lunch that I didn’t eat anymore meals that day and just ended up having a really small snack in the evening.


Another day off work, this one was a bit more productive, I went for a run in the morning which I haven’t done in a long time after hurting my knee quite badly last year. I then also done a workout from YouTube channel Blogilates, I done the best ab exercises for a toned tummy workout. I felt so good after doing this, I also wrote a blog post on this which you can read here.


Another work day 9:30am-10pm,so didn’t do anything on this day. Also had a sleep in shift so didn’t even go home.


I work alternate weekends and this weekend was my weekend to work, so I got up at 6:30am and got ready, then started work again at 7am working through till 7:30pm when I could go home after 34 hours.


Short day at work 10am-4:30pm,i then got home where my boyfriend was waiting for me to pick me up as I’ve now got a week off work and I am spending the week at his house. So after getting home I had to pack my bag with everything I need for the week and we went back to his house. We have both been trying to be good with what we eat, but decided to treat ourselves and had pizza and garlic bread for dinner which was lovely, we then just relaxed watching TV for the rest of the evening.

I will be trying to do these posts every week on a Monday as I would like to carry them on as I always enjoy reading posts like these.

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