The 90’s Tag!

Hi everyone!

I have been seeing this tag around quite a bit and reading all the posts has made me really want to do it myself. I was born in 1990 so grew up in the 90’s and I always find it so much fun to think back to when I was a kid, and the different things that I used to like, I also love to go on YouTube and search 90’s and watch all the old theme songs from my favourite TV programs, there is so many videos to watch and adverts for toys that I used to have and play with, I just love to reminisce.

Favourite Disney film?

This is so hard to decide because as a kid I loved Disney films and I still do now, I had near enough all the films on VHS tape(and there probably still at home somewhere),one of my favourite was probably The jungle book as I remember I used to watch that so much.

Favourite music artist?

I loved the spice girls, was always listening to them, have them on my Spotify playlists now so I can still listen to them. I also loved steps, I was in a charity shop and found a CD of one of their albums that I had on cassette tape and I had to buy it when I saw it.

Favourite candy/sweets?

So many that I used to love to eat, used to love popping candy and dib dabs.

Favourite game?

I had so many board games that I used to play, my favourites were probably guess who?, Mousetrap and Operation.

Favourite McDonalds happy meal toy?

I used to love any toys that I would get with a McDonalds happy meal, I loved the TY beanie babies, when I got one of them ones I remember I used to take it everywhere with me.

Favourite book?

When I was younger I loved Winnie the Pooh and I’ve got the collection which is in one huge book, loved reading that. When I got a bit older I really got into Jaqueline Wilson and I’ve got so many of her books,(I will still read them now).

Favourite clothing store?

This is something that I can’t really remember as I never bought the clothes myself, my mum did so I can’t think of where she went to get clothes for me.

What would you watch when you got home from school?

As soon as I got in from school the TV would go onto ITV so as I could watch CITV, Favourite programs were Rosie and Jim, Tots TV, Art Attack, Bernard’s watch, and Zap!

Well that was a bit of fun to think back on all of that, I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, I tag anyone who was a 90’s kid to do this tag.

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