Weekly recap-20/3/2017-26/3/2017

I had the week off from work last week so I spent the week at my boyfriends house.


I had a lazy day as my boyfriend was at work all day,so I spent the day watching YouTube videos on my laptop,was nice to be able to relax though.


Spent the day with my boyfriend,we spent the day watching films on TV,we then went swimming in the evening 8-9:30.This was really good and felt so good afterwards.


Spent the day catching up with friends with my boyfriend,we went round the house of our friends,spent a few hours there catching up,then went to our other friends house for a catch up with them and even had dinner cooked for us,which was delicious.


Boyfriend was at work again so spent some time watching YouTube videos on my laptop,I have recently got back into playing the sims,and love the sims 4 so played on that as well for a few hours.


Boyfriend at work so another lazy day,had a nice morning just relaxing,but in the afternoon I started feeling unwell,so stayed in bed hoping it would go away,ordered dominos for dinner(naughty),it was yummy though, I had ham, bacon and mushroom pizza, nachos and dominos cookies.


I woke up feeling not good at all, I had tonsillitis which I hate because when I have that I cant eat anything but really soft food or soups. We had made plans to meet up with some friends of mine, my boyfriend didn’t think we should go because of me being ill but I still wanted to go (that wasn’t going to stop me).We met them and went for lunch(which I didn’t eat much of because I couldn’t),then we went to the fun fair that was on, went on some rides and played games winning some prizes as well, we had a really good day, I was so tired I went to bed at 9pm,couldnt stay awake.


We stayed in because I still wasn’t feeling well and just spent the day curled up watching TV, I hadn’t eaten anything properly since Friday so my boyfriend wanted me to eat something, which I said I couldn’t,so he went to the shop and bought stuff that I would be able to eat, cooked dinner for us, he had sausages with mash and vegetables, because I couldn’t eat the sausages, he got me hot dog sausages as they are soft and done them for me with mashed potato and really soft vegetables, I was able to eat some of this and felt better for it, had some cream egg ice cream for pudding as well(yummy). He also bought me some fruit smoothies to get my energy levels up a bit.

Overall I had a good week off work, didn’t end well though, went back to work yesterday, but I’m feeling a lot better now and can eat normally again. I’m writing this post later than I wanted to because I literally haven’t been able to do anything, I haven’t had the energy from not being able to eat. I wanted to have this up on Monday but better late than never.

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