Books I have read recently

I have read a few books recently and thought that I would share them with you.

My sweet revenge by Jane Fallon


Secret slave by Anna Ruston

secret slave

Stolen girl by Katie Taylor and Veronica Clark

stolen girl

One with you by Sylvia Day


I really enjoyed reading all these books, the two true stories (stolen girl and secret slave) will not be for everyone as some of the writing is quite graphic and will be upsetting for some people, these two books upset me whilst reading them but I like these types of books, for the endings and seeing how the people in the books got out of the situation that they are in. The other two books (my sweet revenge and one with you)I have spoken about previously in blog posts. Would definitely recommend all these books.

My morning routine!

A while ago I wrote a post on my evening routine,so I thought I would do a post on my morning routine also.

Depending what time I wake up will depend on the time that I start work.I sometimes start at 7am so I will set my alarm for 6am,if I’m starting at 8am or 9:30am then I will set an alarm for 7am.On my days off I don’t have an alarm set but will usually wake up between 7:30am-8:30am.

Once awake I will get up to make a cup of tea or coffee depending how I’m feeling,I will then go back to bed to drink this,I will go on my phone check all my social media apps and WordPress as well.If I’ve got a day off then I will catch up on YouTube as well.

I will then get up and have a wash etc,do my make up and hair for the day and get dressed.

If it’s a work day then I will then get my bag ready for work and leave,if not then I will normally go on my laptop and watch YouTube videos or catch up on new blog posts from the blogs that I follow.

The Harry Potter Tag!

I love anything Harry Potter whether it’s the books or the movies, I seen this tag and I just had to do it…so here it is The Harry Potter tag!

Favourite Harry Potter book?

This is really hard to choose but I’m going to say The deathly hallows, I like that you get to see all the characters in a different way in this book ,Harry, Ron and Hermione aren’t in school anymore, all the members of the D.A rebelling and standing up for themselves against the death eaters.

Least favourite Harry Potter book?

Again this is hard to choose but it would probably be The order of the phoenix, I cant really say why but it just doesn’t stand out to me as much as the other books do.

Favourite Harry Potter movie?

The deathly hallows part 2, I love the battle scenes at the end, and it was adapted from the book so well.

Least favourite Harry Potter movie?

I haven’t really got a least favourite but will say The order of the phoenix.

Favourite quote?



Favourite Weasley?

Ron, I like Fred and George as well though.

Favourite female character?


Favourite villain?

Bellatrix LeStrange, she is different to others and love reading about her in the books.

Favourite male character?

Neville Longbottom, you see him change so much through each book/movie, and he goes from not standing up for himself at all to standing up to all the death eaters in the deathly hallows and leading the D.A, and then killing the snake right at the end to defeat Voldemort.

Favourite professor?

Professor McGonagall, she always looks out for Harry, Ron and Hermione and will help in any way she can, even if that means breaking rules.

Least favourite character?

I cant decide

Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies?

Ginny-she didn’t come across the same way in the movies as she did in the books.

Is there a movie you preferred to the book?


Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

They both played the part really well so cant choose between the two.

Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?

In the deathly hallows before the Dursley’s leave, Harry and Dudley talk and Dudley tells Harry that he doesn’t think he’s a waste of space, I love that part in the book and it would have been good to have seen that in the movie.

If you could remake any of the Harry Potter movies which would it be?

I wouldn’t remake any of them but ii would add the scenes with the kitchens at Hogwarts and showing Dobby and all of the other elves, that would have been great to have seen.

Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be apart of?


Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?


Which class would be your favourite?

Care of magical creatures

Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?

Accio or Reparo as that one could really save some money.

Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change?

I really wouldn’t want to change any of them simply because I do like them as they are and can read them countless times over and over because of that.

Favourite marauder?


If you could bring one character back to life which would it be?

Dobby-he risked his life so many times for Harry and in the end lost his life saving him, Dobby is one of my favourite characters so was upset when he died.

If you were on the quidditch team, which position would you play?

I would like to say seeker as I feel I would do best in that position.

Were you happy with the ending?

Overall yes, there were some characters that I would have liked to have kept their lives but everything adds more to the story which is what has made it what it is.


What’s in my make-up bag!

I wanted to share with you the make-up that is currently in my make-up bag and what I am currently using. I use a different make up bag for work when I do a sleep in shift for the next morning as I really don’t want to take everything to work, so I just take the basics in a smaller bag.




I use two primers one I use for work and the other for home, the primer I use at home is Nivea express hydration primer, I started using this as I found that my skin was getting very dry on my face and it didn’t look good with my foundation over the top as I could see all the patches where my skin was dry. Since using this primer my skin has improved so much, and I think my make up lasts longer when I use this also.


The primer I use for work is No 7 instant illusions airbrush away primer, I use this for work as the container is smaller and fits into my bag better, I really like this primer, it applies to my skin well and lasts for the day while I’m at work.



I always use Rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade 303-True nude,I find that this really matches my skin well better than other foundations that I have used and it lasts really well as well. I find that this foundation lasts me a long time as well even with daily use, as they say “a little bit goes along way”, with this foundation it really does.

Setting powder


I use the Rimmel clear complexion clarifying powder in 021-Transparent,this sets my foundation well, I have used this for a long time and not used any other powder because I love this one so much.




Blush isn’t an everyday thing for me and I only really use it when I am going out for occasions, I use the Make up revolution Ultra blush palette-sugar and spice, there are eight shades of blush in this palette and I love them all, the pigment of each shade is amazing again a little goes a long way, you don’t need a lot on your brush with these blushes, or you may look like a tomato(trust me from experience).



This is my favourite mascara to use and I have bought it over and over again because I love it so much. L’Oréal Paris-Miss manga-punky mega volume mascara. I don’t have very long eyelashes but this mascara changes that, it really does give them so much more volume, which is always what I want from a mascara, I haven’t found another one to top this one yet.

Setting spray


I use the Revolution pro fix oil control fixing spray to set my make up,a few sprays of this and my make up really doesn’t mobe all day,which is great especially when I’m at work and moving around a lot more,going out into public etc I don’t have to worry so much about what my make up looks like.

10 things I would save in a fire!

I watched a video by Gabriella aka velvetgh0st on YouTube and she made her own tag, you can watch her video here, if you haven’t seen it the tag that Gabriella made was ’10 things I would save in a fire’.I’ve now seen a few different YouTubers and bloggers do this so thought I would do it myself.

  1. Photos and photo albums-I have so many photos that hold some great memories that I would hate to lose.
  2. My Michael Kors bag-This could sound quite shallow but this means a lot as it was bought as a birthday present from my boyfriend as he knows how much I like the brand and he got me the bag as I had been looking at it a long time, and we all know they are not cheap to buy. My bag also includes my purse inside, so I would have that with money/bank card to buy new stuff.
  3. Phone/charger-This is so I would still be able to keep in touch with people I know, and I can do so much on my phone.
  4. Harry Potter Book series-These are my favourite books so I would have to have these.
  5. My kindle-I’m always reading a book and I have so many books on my kindle I would have plenty to read.
  6. My laptop-Again this has pictures and things on it that I don’t have printed off so wouldn’t want to lose it.
  7. Camera-I love taking pictures and love my camera so would hate to not have it anymore.
  8. Amazon fire stick-I wouldn’t have to worry about TV because I could plug this in and watch all my favourite shows.
  9. Toiletry bag-So as I could have a wash etc., and I would probably throw my makeup in there as well, just basic stuff that I wear everyday(foundation, setting powder and mascara)
  10. Spare set of clothes-I will need a change of clothes to wear, the clothes I’m wearing wont stay clean forever.

That was harder than I thought just to think about what I would save, I tag anyone reading that wants to do this to do it.

March Favourites 

There hasn’t really been any new products that I have been loving during March, but I have found myself getting back into things that I have loved in the past…so here are my March favourites.

Amazon Kindle


As I have said before, I love to read, I have had my kindle for a few years now, but this month I have really been enjoying using it to read my books on.

My sweet revenge by Jane Falloncover.jpg.rendition.186.288

This has got to be my favourite book that I read during March, I would recommend it to anyone that they read it.

My camera

I have been really enjoying using my camera for photography during March and have been trying to take it out with me as much as possible in case there is something I want to photograph. My camera is the Canon SX410 IS, I love this camera, its a 20MP camera with 40x optical zoom, the image stabilisation really helps as well, I used my camera recently a few weeks ago when I went fishing for the day to take pictures of the wildlife around the lake I was at, you can see a blog post on this here.

The sims 4



I have always loved playing the sims and got the sims 4 as soon as it came out, I hadn’t played it for a little while but really got back into playing it in March, I just love being able to control the lives of the characters and getting them to do whatever I want, I get absorbed into the game for hours.

Well that’s it for my March favourites, there weren’t many but enough to do this post.