10 things I would save in a fire!

I watched a video by Gabriella aka velvetgh0st on YouTube and she made her own tag, you can watch her video here, if you haven’t seen it the tag that Gabriella made was ’10 things I would save in a fire’.I’ve now seen a few different YouTubers and bloggers do this so thought I would do it myself.

  1. Photos and photo albums-I have so many photos that hold some great memories that I would hate to lose.
  2. My Michael Kors bag-This could sound quite shallow but this means a lot as it was bought as a birthday present from my boyfriend as he knows how much I like the brand and he got me the bag as I had been looking at it a long time, and we all know they are not cheap to buy. My bag also includes my purse inside, so I would have that with money/bank card to buy new stuff.
  3. Phone/charger-This is so I would still be able to keep in touch with people I know, and I can do so much on my phone.
  4. Harry Potter Book series-These are my favourite books so I would have to have these.
  5. My kindle-I’m always reading a book and I have so many books on my kindle I would have plenty to read.
  6. My laptop-Again this has pictures and things on it that I don’t have printed off so wouldn’t want to lose it.
  7. Camera-I love taking pictures and love my camera so would hate to not have it anymore.
  8. Amazon fire stick-I wouldn’t have to worry about TV because I could plug this in and watch all my favourite shows.
  9. Toiletry bag-So as I could have a wash etc., and I would probably throw my makeup in there as well, just basic stuff that I wear everyday(foundation, setting powder and mascara)
  10. Spare set of clothes-I will need a change of clothes to wear, the clothes I’m wearing wont stay clean forever.

That was harder than I thought just to think about what I would save, I tag anyone reading that wants to do this to do it.


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