It’s been so long!

Hi everyone

So I’ve just realised that it has been 2 weeks since i last wrote a blog post, I need to get back into it, i spent this morning catching up on a weeks worth of blog posts from everyone because i haven’t been able to keep up to date with them.

I have been working loads and last week worked over 57 hours, so i was feeling pretty exhausted from that. The other thing which is probably the main thing that has stopped me from writing posts was me and my boyfriend of 8+ years splitting up, it effected me quite badly for a few weeks now and it was only a few days ago that i started feeling better about everything and realised i don’t need him to be happy. I’ve been getting intro my fitness, going out running regularly and doing workouts at home, this has improved my mood a lot.

I really want to get back to blogging more regularly as i enjoy it so much so thought i would start a blogging challenge so i can get back into writing posts that way, I’ve done the 30 day blogging challenge already so thought i would do the Harry Potter challenge this time. Posts for that will be starting tomorrow.

I look forward to getting back into blogging more and coming up with more blog post ideas.



  1. Ouch. That’s got to be rough. The good thing though is that to get back on track, we are compelled to do good things for ourselves. It’s ok if u took a break. Lol.. we confess we did too… Too many times… Life does get busy, tiring, not to mention the emotional roller coasters we go through. Would love to catch up with ur posts. 😊👍 Godspeed

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  2. 30 days Harry Potter challenge?? I’ll follow that for sure! Are you going to post about the characters or how are you going to arrange the challenge! Also good luck with sticking to it !!! :)))

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  3. The challenge includes favourite characters,books,films etc so a bit of everything really,and thanks will do my best to stick to it,first post will be up later today 😄

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