Sourced Box September 2017 unboxing

In July I made the decision to start getting more healthy and that had to include cutting out 2 of my favourite snacky foods,chocolate and crisps.

For me crisps was my favourite thing to eat and I would be able to eat so many packs but it wasn’t doing me any favours, I was never a big chocolate lover but would eat enough of it.

I cut these 2 things from my diet as they were things I would go to the most if I was feeling a little peckish. I found it easier than I thought I would to not eat them but it made such a difference for me not to eat them, and now I don’t miss eating them.

Last month I wanted something to snack on but didn’t want to eat to many ‘unhealthy’ snacks. I knew of sourced box so decided to give it a try, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the food that comes in the box but was surprised that I really enjoyed most of it, there will obviously be stuff I’m not keen on but that’s ok.

I thought I would do an unboxing post of what is in my box for this month.



What’s in the box?

Nom-Banana oat bar
Body Me-Vanilla protein bar
Sourced Box-Chocolate Chickpeas
Simplee Aloe-Aloe Vera juice with white grape
We are Tea-Sleep and Super berry tea


Munky-Chilli monkey nuts
Brave-Garlic and chive chick peas
Nim’s-Tomato and cucumber vegetable crisps
Soffle’s-Rosemary and Thyme pitta chips
Sweet Virtues-Vanilla and Baobab truffles

I haven’t yet tried any of the snacks as i only received it Tuesday and I’ve been working so will definitely be trying them soon.




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