Personal Planner part 1

I recently tried getting back into using a bullet journal after not keeping up with it last year…and once again have just found that I cannot do it.

It’s having the time to sit and draw out all the spreads I want that I find hardest,once they are drawn out it’s fine,but I just can’t always sit down and take the time to draw it all out.

I had heard of the personal planner website before from watching YouTube videos,but never ordered anything from there.

Personal Planner is fully customisable and you can choose everything from the size,cover and colours of your planner inside and out,to how your pages are set up,what extras you want and more.

I’ve decided this time to do it,so I have ordered my personal planner and will hopefully have it in a few weeks time ready to start using.I had a lot of fun looking at different options of how it would look and am happy with the final result.

I will do a second post on this when I receive my planner in the post to show how I set mine up.

You can go to the website to see for yourself what there is to off by clicking the link below

Personal Planner Website

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