A week to relax

So after having to work all weekend which I wouldn’t normally do because of the snow last week,I am so happy for this week to be here.

I have a week off work this week which I have needed so much as havnt had a week off since December.

I’m having a chilled few days today,tomorrow and Wednesday,then Wednesday afternoon will be going to my boyfriend’s as he managed to book Thursday-Sunday off work to spend some time together.

I went into town this morning as I had to get mothers day stuff for Sunday and then next Thursday on the 15th is also my mum’s birthday so needed a card and wrapping paper for that also,I’ve got her presents already,so that’s all sorted now.

I think though it will just be a week to relax because I need it.I think we may be going out with our cameras at some point during the week aswell,so may have another blog post after that,I also need to look up places to visit in Cornwall as I need to decide on where I want to visit,my boyfriend has chosen some places he wants to go but wants to know where I want to go so need to get on and figure that out.Or if any of you know some places that are good leave them in the comments below.

Well I’m going to get back to my relaxing for today and will hopefully have another post soon.

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