Personal Planner Part 2

So I’ve been waiting just over a week and my planner came in the post yesterday.

It came in this bright green envelope and when I opened it inside was the planner with stickers,plastic clear pocket,ruler and elastic closure.

After I put it all together it looked like this

Personal Planner is completely customisable,I chose this as the front cover as I really liked this quote.

I chose the layout of the weekly planning pages,then you get a choice of what else to add into your planner,I chose to have a month at a glance at the beginning of each month,then I also chose 2018 and 2019 at a glance. Then for when im bored I chose to have some sodoku pages,and then lined paper at the end in case I need to write any notes down.

So far I am really happy with the planner,I have started writing in it and so far I think I will be able to stick to using this planner rather than a bullet journal.

I will do another post to show what I’ve been doing to plan and how I’ve been getting on with it in a few weeks time.

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