May Favourites 

I have just realised it has been over a week since I wrote a new blog post, my head hasn’t been in the game at all recently.

I’m not having a great time at the moment i may do a post about it but at this time i cant bring myself to write about it, but i still want to get my usual posts up as much as i can.

It’s the 1st June so here is my May favourites!

Bullet Journal

I have been really enjoying using my bullet journal to stay organised, and i have found so much inspiration from other bloggers on how to set mine up the way i want it. I wrote a post on my May set up here if you didn’t see the post. l will be writing a post on my June set up also that should be up at the weekend i am hoping.

Zoella bath latte


I decided to buy this as i hadn’t tried it before and wanted a new bubble bath and i love it. The packaging says it is enriched with almond cacao and honey, and once in the water you can really smell the almond. It leaves my skin feeling really soft as well which I love.



As I have said before i love seafood, and i hadn’t tried sushi until recently, and i really enjoy it, I’ve been buying it for my lunch at work as i find it really filling for me and I’m not really eating a lot, and its a lot better than other things that i have for my lunch normally.



I have been wearing my converse a lot the last month they are so comfy to wear when I’m just walking around, shopping and i use them for work as well.


April Favourites!

Today is the 1st May, where is the year going??

But 1st day of the month means it’s time for a monthly favourites post…so here are my April favourites.

Ed Sheeran-Divide

Divide_coverI have been absolutely loving this album and listening to it non-stop, even in my boyfriends car, so he now knows all the songs just as well as me haha, but he does like Ed Sheeran so I can get away with playing his music in the car.

Fast and Furious 8


I went to the cinema for work to watch this film, I love all the films in the series so really wanted to see this anyway. The film was so good with a good storyline, but was definitely missing something with no Paul Walker this time(RIP).

Lee Stafford chopstick styler

chopstick stylerI have wanted these for a while but have never got them, my boyfriend bought them as an Easter present, and I love them. The styler produces really tight curls which look incredible.


Lindt Bunny


Lindt is my favourite chocolate and I love when the gold bunnys go into the shops, my boyfriend bought me one of these for Easter and then I somehow ended up with another two as well haha, all of these have very sadly been eaten and I haven’t got any left.

Nivea express hydration primer

IMG_0294I have already mentioned this in a post recently, but I have really been loving this during April as my skin had been felling really dry, after using this for a few weeks my skin has returned back to normal and doesn’t feel dry at all, so I have been using this everyday under my makeup.

March Favourites 

There hasn’t really been any new products that I have been loving during March, but I have found myself getting back into things that I have loved in the past…so here are my March favourites.

Amazon Kindle


As I have said before, I love to read, I have had my kindle for a few years now, but this month I have really been enjoying using it to read my books on.

My sweet revenge by Jane Falloncover.jpg.rendition.186.288

This has got to be my favourite book that I read during March, I would recommend it to anyone that they read it.

My camera

I have been really enjoying using my camera for photography during March and have been trying to take it out with me as much as possible in case there is something I want to photograph. My camera is the Canon SX410 IS, I love this camera, its a 20MP camera with 40x optical zoom, the image stabilisation really helps as well, I used my camera recently a few weeks ago when I went fishing for the day to take pictures of the wildlife around the lake I was at, you can see a blog post on this here.

The sims 4



I have always loved playing the sims and got the sims 4 as soon as it came out, I hadn’t played it for a little while but really got back into playing it in March, I just love being able to control the lives of the characters and getting them to do whatever I want, I get absorbed into the game for hours.

Well that’s it for my March favourites, there weren’t many but enough to do this post.





February Favourites 

I just thought that I need to do this post as I said in my January favourites that I want to try and do this every month.

There have been a few things that I have been enjoying during the past month so here are my February favourites.

Collection lasting perfection foundation


For the past few years I have used Rimmel Wake me up foundation and that is the only foundation I have liked, I have used others but nothing ever seemed right compared the Rimmel, I went into Superdrug a few weeks ago and needed a new foundation, I decided to try collection lasting perfection as I had heard good things about it in the past. I have been really loving this foundation and haven’t gone out to buy my wake me up foundation like I normally would if I wasn’t happy with a foundation. I got it in 4-warm beige and it matches my skin perfectly, and it has good coverage on the areas that I really need it, I have found that it lasts well as well even when I’m at work all day, and for £5.99 you cant go wrong really.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge


I received a set of 4 of these sponges for Christmas, I’ve never really liked to use sponges when apply make up always using brushes. I really like using this sponge to apply my foundation, it goes on so quickly and smoothly, and with the different sides I can get into different areas of my face to apply my foundation easier.

Fruit infusion bottle


I got this bottle from Primark for £4,I am always drinking water, especially when I’m at work. I love fruit flavoured water so this was perfect, I particularly like using lemon and lime in mine, cutting the fruit up and placing them into the infuser section, then filling the bottle with water, I find it best to leave mine overnight in the fridge to really get the taste into the water.

Fitbit Charge 2


I have been loving using my Fitbit everyday, tracking everything including steps taken, how much water I’ve had to drink, heart rate and how much sleep I have each night. I will be doing a review post on this so won’t write to much here now.

One with you(Crossfire) by Sylvia Day


I have enjoyed the crossfire series from the moment I discovered it, following the lives of Gideon and Eva. There are 4 books in total to read if you enjoyed 50 shades of grey you will enjoy this.

January Favourites

I love reading monthly favourites blog posts, and wanted to do this myself also and I am setting myself a goal to see if I will be able to do this every month.

Here are my favourites for January


Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg-I have read the 2 books previous to this in the series aswell so had to get this,this was given to me as a chritmas present.I love Girl Online and Girl Online Tour and this is definitely just as good,would recommend to anyone if they havnt read the books to do so.Before setting up thius blog I had made other blogs but had never kept up with it and just forgot about them,this book series is one reason that I have gone on to write thisd blog and so far I have been more consistant than I have been in the past.


Joop-Miss Wild perfume-Again this was a Christmas present and I love the scent of this perfume. The packaging is cute with the bow and skulls, the scent is floral but fruity at the same time which is nice. I like tom wear this during the day while I’m out and about.


Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner-I received this as part of a set for Christmas, I had never used this eyeliner before but it was one that I had looked at and thought about buying for myself but never got round to it. I have found this so easy to use when doing my eyeliner, there is a felt tip nib, whether you want a thick or a thin line this allows you to do both, and applies really easily, I’ve never been the biggest fan of liquid eyeliner and have always preferred to use a pencil but this has changed my mind slightly about liquid eyeliner.


Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara-This came in the same set as the eyeliner,again a product they I hadn’t used before,So far I have had no problems when using this mascara,the wand makes it easy to apply,it doesn’t clump when applying. I haven’t had any problems with it running or smudging either which is great as I’ve used a lot of different mascaras and have found that most of them do this. I would recommend this mascara for sure.


Blogging-I have really got into blogging since the beginning of the year, as I said before I’ve tried and failed with blogs in the past so I wanted to prove to myself this time round that I could do it and be consistent with posts. I’m enjoying everything about it so far from thinking and planning a post to actually writing it, with a schedule I think I will be able to keep it going, I may need to schedule posts sometimes but that’s what the options there for isn’t it. I’m also enjoying being able to read other blogs more and interact with others that have written them.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites and hopefully I will be able to make this post every month like I plan on doing.



My Favourite Blogs!

Just a quick post today with a list of my favourite blogs that I love to read!

These are just 21 of my favourites to read but there are so much more aswell,i would be here all day if i were to list them all. I  recommend that you have a read of all of these blogs as they are amazing and hopefully you will love them as much as I do.


Favourite Movies

I love to be able to relax and watch a film whether on my own or with someone else, here is a list of some of my favourites.

  • Harry Potter series-Who doesn’t like Harry Potter I have read the books countless times and love the films just as much. It doesn’t matter your age these films are perfect for anyone.
  • Twilight series-Not everyone’s cup of tea but I loved the books and I love the films just as much.
  • Fast and Furious series-Not everyone would believe that this is something that I like to watch and a few years ago it wouldn’t have been, my boyfriend likes this film series and I was made to sit and watch them all many times and they began to grow on me and now I love them, each film made just gets better, cant wait for Fast and Furious 8 to come out this year. R.I.P Paul Walker.
  • Me before you-I read this book on my kindle and really enjoyed it, even got my mum to read it so I was so happy when they released the film of it, I was sceptical at first because sometimes a film can ruin a book because they can’t get everything into the film from the book. I wasn’t disappointed when I watched the film and it’s definitely something I will watch again and again, I just hope they release the follow up After you as well.
  • Bridget Jones-Every women can relate to Bridget Jones in some way, these are good films to watch if you need to have a laugh as well watching Bridget living he life the way she does.

These are just a few of my favourites there’s probably loads more that I cant even think of right now but these are the main go to films for me.

What are some of your favourite films to watch? Leave a comment down below to let me know.