30 day blogging challenge- Day 30

Your hopes for your blog

My hopes for this blog are that it continues to grow, I hope to continue to get enjoyment from blogging so as I am able to carry it on. I hope my confidence continues to grow for me to be able to do different blog posts also as I have so many things that I would like to do.

Can’t believe I have come to the end of this 30 day blogging challenge, I have enjoyed doing it, some posts have been more enjoyable to write than others but I have stuck with it, and feel proud that I have. I have never really been able to stick with things that I start and this seems to be something that I don’t want to stop.



30 day blogging challenge- Day 29

A confession

I cant believe this is the second to last post and after tomorrow this challenge will be over.

My confession is that I’m not really the most tidiest of people, I hate cleaning and I really struggle to keep my room tidy. At the moment it is actually the tidiest its been in a long time because I made the time to sort it out.



30 day blogging challenge- Day 28

Most embarrassing moment 

I can’t really think of a specific moment that was my most embarrassing moment,I’ve had a few during my life already. 

One that I always remember is when I was at school,I used to hate P.E and would always dread the day that my class had it,in the summer we would always do rounders so we would be outside during lessons,during one class we were going to the part that of the field that we were having the game of rounders on and we started running I was talking to my friend whilst we done this and after a minute I literally went flying over onto the ground,I got up straight away but it had been seen by people in my class and they were laughing so hard,I tried to join in with the laughter but inside I was dying wishing I had hit the ground so hard I had gone underground.


30 day blogging challenge- Day 27

What’s in your closet?

My closet is absolutely bursting with clothes for different occasions.

Casual clothes-Jeans,T-Shirts,Hoodies,Jumpers etc.Everything for my everyday wear.

Going out-Dresses,Skirts,Tops,Jumpers,things that are a bit smarter than my everyday clothes.

Shoes-Trainers,Flats,Heels,Boots,Flip Flops.

Bags-Handbags for every occasion,like I’ve said before I have a sight obsession with handbags and I have about 40 bags if not more.

Coats-I have a few different coats that I wear depending on the weather.

30 day blogging challenge- Day 25

Your biggest regret

I don’t really have any big regrets but I guess one regret would be that when I was in my old job I didn’t listen to all the people that told me I needed to leave and find a new job, if I had listened I wouldn’t have made myself ill last year like I did,and it took for me to be at the worst point that I could get to realise that what those people were telling me was right and that I should have listened. Now I have left I am in such a better place mentally and hate the fact that I got to the point that I did where I could barely even function day to day.

30 day blogging challenge- Day 24

What attracts you (in love)

I would have to say that the things that attract me are the following:-

  1. Confidence
  2. Honesty
  3. Someone who can take care of me
  4. Likes to show me affection
  5. Someone who doesn’t change around other people

These are the main things that I can think of I’m sure there’s more but these are what I really like.

What are the things that attract you to someone? Let me know in the comments down below.