What’s in my make-up bag!

I wanted to share with you the make-up that is currently in my make-up bag and what I am currently using. I use a different make up bag for work when I do a sleep in shift for the next morning as I really don’t want to take everything to work, so I just take the basics in a smaller bag.




I use two primers one I use for work and the other for home, the primer I use at home is Nivea express hydration primer, I started using this as I found that my skin was getting very dry on my face and it didn’t look good with my foundation over the top as I could see all the patches where my skin was dry. Since using this primer my skin has improved so much, and I think my make up lasts longer when I use this also.


The primer I use for work is No 7 instant illusions airbrush away primer, I use this for work as the container is smaller and fits into my bag better, I really like this primer, it applies to my skin well and lasts for the day while I’m at work.



I always use Rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade 303-True nude,I find that this really matches my skin well better than other foundations that I have used and it lasts really well as well. I find that this foundation lasts me a long time as well even with daily use, as they say “a little bit goes along way”, with this foundation it really does.

Setting powder


I use the Rimmel clear complexion clarifying powder in 021-Transparent,this sets my foundation well, I have used this for a long time and not used any other powder because I love this one so much.




Blush isn’t an everyday thing for me and I only really use it when I am going out for occasions, I use the Make up revolution Ultra blush palette-sugar and spice, there are eight shades of blush in this palette and I love them all, the pigment of each shade is amazing again a little goes a long way, you don’t need a lot on your brush with these blushes, or you may look like a tomato(trust me from experience).



This is my favourite mascara to use and I have bought it over and over again because I love it so much. L’Oréal Paris-Miss manga-punky mega volume mascara. I don’t have very long eyelashes but this mascara changes that, it really does give them so much more volume, which is always what I want from a mascara, I haven’t found another one to top this one yet.

Setting spray


I use the Revolution pro fix oil control fixing spray to set my make up,a few sprays of this and my make up really doesn’t mobe all day,which is great especially when I’m at work and moving around a lot more,going out into public etc I don’t have to worry so much about what my make up looks like.

February Favourites 

I just thought that I need to do this post as I said in my January favourites that I want to try and do this every month.

There have been a few things that I have been enjoying during the past month so here are my February favourites.

Collection lasting perfection foundation


For the past few years I have used Rimmel Wake me up foundation and that is the only foundation I have liked, I have used others but nothing ever seemed right compared the Rimmel, I went into Superdrug a few weeks ago and needed a new foundation, I decided to try collection lasting perfection as I had heard good things about it in the past. I have been really loving this foundation and haven’t gone out to buy my wake me up foundation like I normally would if I wasn’t happy with a foundation. I got it in 4-warm beige and it matches my skin perfectly, and it has good coverage on the areas that I really need it, I have found that it lasts well as well even when I’m at work all day, and for £5.99 you cant go wrong really.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge


I received a set of 4 of these sponges for Christmas, I’ve never really liked to use sponges when apply make up always using brushes. I really like using this sponge to apply my foundation, it goes on so quickly and smoothly, and with the different sides I can get into different areas of my face to apply my foundation easier.

Fruit infusion bottle


I got this bottle from Primark for £4,I am always drinking water, especially when I’m at work. I love fruit flavoured water so this was perfect, I particularly like using lemon and lime in mine, cutting the fruit up and placing them into the infuser section, then filling the bottle with water, I find it best to leave mine overnight in the fridge to really get the taste into the water.

Fitbit Charge 2


I have been loving using my Fitbit everyday, tracking everything including steps taken, how much water I’ve had to drink, heart rate and how much sleep I have each night. I will be doing a review post on this so won’t write to much here now.

One with you(Crossfire) by Sylvia Day


I have enjoyed the crossfire series from the moment I discovered it, following the lives of Gideon and Eva. There are 4 books in total to read if you enjoyed 50 shades of grey you will enjoy this.

January Favourites

I love reading monthly favourites blog posts, and wanted to do this myself also and I am setting myself a goal to see if I will be able to do this every month.

Here are my favourites for January


Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg-I have read the 2 books previous to this in the series aswell so had to get this,this was given to me as a chritmas present.I love Girl Online and Girl Online Tour and this is definitely just as good,would recommend to anyone if they havnt read the books to do so.Before setting up thius blog I had made other blogs but had never kept up with it and just forgot about them,this book series is one reason that I have gone on to write thisd blog and so far I have been more consistant than I have been in the past.


Joop-Miss Wild perfume-Again this was a Christmas present and I love the scent of this perfume. The packaging is cute with the bow and skulls, the scent is floral but fruity at the same time which is nice. I like tom wear this during the day while I’m out and about.


Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner-I received this as part of a set for Christmas, I had never used this eyeliner before but it was one that I had looked at and thought about buying for myself but never got round to it. I have found this so easy to use when doing my eyeliner, there is a felt tip nib, whether you want a thick or a thin line this allows you to do both, and applies really easily, I’ve never been the biggest fan of liquid eyeliner and have always preferred to use a pencil but this has changed my mind slightly about liquid eyeliner.


Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara-This came in the same set as the eyeliner,again a product they I hadn’t used before,So far I have had no problems when using this mascara,the wand makes it easy to apply,it doesn’t clump when applying. I haven’t had any problems with it running or smudging either which is great as I’ve used a lot of different mascaras and have found that most of them do this. I would recommend this mascara for sure.


Blogging-I have really got into blogging since the beginning of the year, as I said before I’ve tried and failed with blogs in the past so I wanted to prove to myself this time round that I could do it and be consistent with posts. I’m enjoying everything about it so far from thinking and planning a post to actually writing it, with a schedule I think I will be able to keep it going, I may need to schedule posts sometimes but that’s what the options there for isn’t it. I’m also enjoying being able to read other blogs more and interact with others that have written them.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites and hopefully I will be able to make this post every month like I plan on doing.




I wanted to write this as a way of saying thank you to all of you who have followed my blog, yesterday I hit 50 followers, which I know isn’t a lot but to me it’s amazing that so many people are interested in what I have to say.

One of my goals that I set myself this year was to post to this blog regularly and all of you that follow me give me the motivation to do that. I wanted to do this for myself and I feel that already it has helped so much.

I am really enjoying this journey into blogging and hope to carry it on and grow this blog even more.


L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks Review

I found these masks whilst shopping in Boots last year and as soon as I saw them I had to buy them. I didn’t have my blog when I bought these originally so thought I would review them now as I live them.

They sell in Boots for £7.99 but they are currently on offer for £6 at the moment.

There are three masks in total the purity, detox and glow masks, each one is a blend of three clays-

Koalin-A highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum.

Montmorillonite-Rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections.

Ghassoul-A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned to help clarify complexion.

The purity mask includes Eucalyptus, The detox mask contains Charcoal and the glow mask contains Red Algae.

I bought the purity and detox masks today I’m going to focus on the detox mask.

This mask detoxifies and clarifies the skin.

What it says on the box

Instant and lasting visible results

Immediately-Skin  is purer and clearer

Use for one week-Skin feels fresher and more luminous

Use after use-Skin can breathe and is visibly transformed

How to use: Apply a thin layer all over the face 2-3 times a week, leave to dry for 5-10 minutes, remove with a wet cloth or warm water.


Overall I left the mask on for about 20 minutes but its not going to hurt to leave it that little bit longer is it.

The photo on the right shows when the mask had started to dry.








img_0160As you can see this mask gets right into the pores, I tend to get these around my nose and chin.

After washing it off my face I could notice the difference straight away, my skin felt smooth, soft and a lot fresher.







Overall I really like this mask it applies easily, it has a thick and creamy texture and doesn’t run down the face at all once applied, and it dries very quickly.

img_0151I like to use a makeup brush to apply as this saves wasting any on your hands and it saves making a mess as well.


I have used the purity mask also and love this just as much but the detox mask is definatly my favourite out of the two,i have yet to buy the glow mask to try so that is on my shopping list to buy soon.







What are your favourite face masks to use?Let me know in the comments below.