May Bullet Journal set-up

I had a lot of fun setting up my bullet journal for this month, so thought I would write a post to show you all how I set up for the month of May. Its not exactly how I want it right now but I’m working on it and will get it how I want it with time.


I’m using the Moleskine classic squared notebook.


I started with making a key for my bullet journal that I can follow, and then moved on to my index pages.


For the first actual page I done a year overview for 2017.


I had to make a books to read page as I have so many books that I want to read, and once I have read each one I will colour the books in.


Next is my May title page

IMG_0328I then have my monthly overview and habit tracker.


I am keeping track of when I drink plenty of water each day, eat well, check Instagram, twitter and WordPress, publish a new blog post, and when I have read my book and eat breakfast as I very rarely eat in the morning but want to try and eat breakfast more.

I then made a page for my blog this includes blog post ideas that I have had during the month and then a blog stats tracker in the corner to track at the beginning of each month.


This is followed by a page with goals that I have set myself.

And then the weekly spreads which aren’t perfect and I’ve got to add things to the weeks ahead as I have done each week of May already, and I can just add bits that I want when I want to.


There is so much more that I want to gradually add into my bullet journal as there is other things that I know I want to keep track of, but that’s the best thing with a bullet journal you can add and take away things as much as you want, you only need to add what you need.

Out with the old!

I have spent the afternoon sorting through all the clothes in my room, making two piles one for what I want to keep and one for what I don’t want anymore. I found so many clothes that I haven’t worn in so long some of it made me ask myself why I still had it. I literally filled a rubbish bag up with what I didn’t want anymore and it will all be going to charity. Maybe will sort out my handbags next, I’ve  got quite a large collection of those and don’t use half of them and haven’t for a long time, I just don’t like to get rid of them coz there may be a time when I will be able to use it again…you never know.

It feels good to de-clutter I have been doing it slowly with everything the past  two weeks, and I feel so much better for it, like I said last week new start for me this year with everything and I start my new job on Monday so cant wait for that, I don’t know how it will effect my blog posts may have to change a bit so I make blog posts when I’m not at work but shouldn’t be to bad, I will sort that out when I know more next week.

Just a short post today, hope everyone’s having a good day and hope you all have a good weekend.