Harry Potter Challenge-Day 1

Favourite Book

I have said before that my favourite book is the deathly hallows, because of all that happens in that book and that you get to see some characters in ways you haven’t seen them before.

Thinking about it more i would say that my favourite book is the goblet of fire,i love the idea of the triwizard tournament and the challenges that Harry and the others had to face with it. The yule ball was great as it was a sort of prom for the students which they don’t get when finishing Hogwarts. Obviously this is where the books take a different turn with Voldemort returning to life and even though the books are for children it adds something to the books after this one that make them more adult(i would read the books either way to be honest).


May Bullet Journal set-up

I had a lot of fun setting up my bullet journal for this month, so thought I would write a post to show you all how I set up for the month of May. Its not exactly how I want it right now but I’m working on it and will get it how I want it with time.


I’m using the Moleskine classic squared notebook.


I started with making a key for my bullet journal that I can follow, and then moved on to my index pages.


For the first actual page I done a year overview for 2017.


I had to make a books to read page as I have so many books that I want to read, and once I have read each one I will colour the books in.


Next is my May title page

IMG_0328I then have my monthly overview and habit tracker.


I am keeping track of when I drink plenty of water each day, eat well, check Instagram, twitter and WordPress, publish a new blog post, and when I have read my book and eat breakfast as I very rarely eat in the morning but want to try and eat breakfast more.

I then made a page for my blog this includes blog post ideas that I have had during the month and then a blog stats tracker in the corner to track at the beginning of each month.


This is followed by a page with goals that I have set myself.

And then the weekly spreads which aren’t perfect and I’ve got to add things to the weeks ahead as I have done each week of May already, and I can just add bits that I want when I want to.


There is so much more that I want to gradually add into my bullet journal as there is other things that I know I want to keep track of, but that’s the best thing with a bullet journal you can add and take away things as much as you want, you only need to add what you need.

Books I have read recently

I have read a few books recently and thought that I would share them with you.

My sweet revenge by Jane Fallon


Secret slave by Anna Ruston

secret slave

Stolen girl by Katie Taylor and Veronica Clark

stolen girl

One with you by Sylvia Day


I really enjoyed reading all these books, the two true stories (stolen girl and secret slave) will not be for everyone as some of the writing is quite graphic and will be upsetting for some people, these two books upset me whilst reading them but I like these types of books, for the endings and seeing how the people in the books got out of the situation that they are in. The other two books (my sweet revenge and one with you)I have spoken about previously in blog posts. Would definitely recommend all these books.

March Favourites 

There hasn’t really been any new products that I have been loving during March, but I have found myself getting back into things that I have loved in the past…so here are my March favourites.

Amazon Kindle


As I have said before, I love to read, I have had my kindle for a few years now, but this month I have really been enjoying using it to read my books on.

My sweet revenge by Jane Falloncover.jpg.rendition.186.288

This has got to be my favourite book that I read during March, I would recommend it to anyone that they read it.

My camera

I have been really enjoying using my camera for photography during March and have been trying to take it out with me as much as possible in case there is something I want to photograph. My camera is the Canon SX410 IS, I love this camera, its a 20MP camera with 40x optical zoom, the image stabilisation really helps as well, I used my camera recently a few weeks ago when I went fishing for the day to take pictures of the wildlife around the lake I was at, you can see a blog post on this here.

The sims 4



I have always loved playing the sims and got the sims 4 as soon as it came out, I hadn’t played it for a little while but really got back into playing it in March, I just love being able to control the lives of the characters and getting them to do whatever I want, I get absorbed into the game for hours.

Well that’s it for my March favourites, there weren’t many but enough to do this post.





30 day blogging challenge- Day 12

Your favourite childhood book

I read so many books when I was younger that I absolutely loved,I don’t think I can really pick just one.

One of my favourite authors growing up was Jaqueline Wilson,I loved all her books and have still got a lot of them now,I would still read them now at 26 years old.


I used to enjoy reading the goosebumps books aswel when I was younger.


And of course I loved the Harry Potter series just as much as I do now.


What was your favourite childhood books to read?

Books I want to read this year!

One of my favourite things to do is get into a really good book, when I do I will be reading for hours, without thinking about the world around me and what is happening, I will just go into a little bubble of my own completely ignoring everything else.

I am currently reading Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg, but it wont be long before I have to find a new book to read.

Here is a list of books that I want to read this year:

  • Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
  • Bridget Jones Baby: The Diaries
  • One With You By Sylvia Day
  • The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  • Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  • Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
  • A Child Called it by Dave Pelzer
  • The Privilege Of Youth by Dave Pelzer
  • A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer

These are just some of the books that I currently have ready to read on my kindle some of them I have read before but really want to read again, and some I have seen the film but never read the book, there will be other books that I will find that I want to read throughout the year so this list will grow and it probably wont take to long for that to happen as I’m always looking for new books that I can download to read.

What books have you enjoyed recently or what are the books you want to read this year?