Shopping haul

So yesterday I decided to go shopping as I wanted to get some new trainers,I had no intention of buying anything else but I got the trainers that I wanted and then ended up spending more money after that.

Because of this I decided to do a haul to show what I got.

Sports Direct

Nike Flex 2016 running trainers-£30


This was the reason I went shopping in the first place and like i said this was going to be the only thing that i bought. There were so many trainers to choose from but i seen these and wanted them instantly,i love the colours,and i went for a run using them and they are so  comfortable to wear.

TK Maxx

iPhone 7 sports sleeve-£5.99


I have one of these sleeves but can no longer use it as it was for the iPhone 5,so I needed a new one. I only went in TK Maxx to have a look what they had, I seen this and had to get it at such a good price and its pink.


Audio mixx play 1 wireless Bluetooth earphones-£12.99


I got these more for when I go running as i hate having wires flying around getting in my way, so these are perfect, and again there pink. I used them when i went running yesterday and they are brilliant, the sound quality is great and they connect up to my phone really quickly.


Rimmel make up was on 3 for 2 offer so i got the following as I’m getting low anyway


Rimmel wake me up foundation-303 true nude-£8.99

Rimmel clear complexion setting powder-£3.99

Rimmel camouflage collection extra 3D lash mascara-£4.99

Well that’s all that I bought on my little shopping trip spent so much more money than i was planning on spending but i bought stuff that i needed/will use so can’t tell myself off too much for it.



Weekend of relaxing!

I had the weekend off from work so I had time to relax and enjoy myself, my boyfriend also had the weekend off and so we spent the weekend together.

On Saturday we went into Southampton shopping as the boyfriend wanted some new clothes and so we went to see what he could get, I ended up treating myself to a couple of bits as well.

The first thing I found was something I have wanted for a long time a Michael Kors rose gold watch. There were a few different owns that I liked but in the end I chose this one.

I couldn’t believe the price I paid for this as it was originally £259 and I paid £93.50,so I had to have it, like I said I have been wanting one of these watches for a long time and at the price I couldn’t say no.

The second thing I got myself was something I had decided to buy, the Fitbit charge 2,i decide to buy this as my old Nike Fuelband was no longer holding its charge like it should do and instead of lasting a few days it was only lasting 1 day before I had to charge it again. After watching different YouTube videos and reading reviews I decide on the charge 2,this is my first Fitbit device and so far I love it, I wanted to get this as I am slowly getting back into my fitness since starting my new job and this along with the iPhone app to go with it tracks all my activity during the day/night giving me that little bit more motivation to keep going.

That was what I got for myself, we also went into Stakks pancake house and had some of the best pancakes I have ever had, I had mine with strawberries, cream and meringue and it was delicious, I also had a fruit smoothie as well which was just right to drink along with my pancakes.

Apart from going shopping we had a pretty relaxed weekend, watching films and TV it was great. I also have had today off work as well but my boyfriend had to work, I’ve got work tomorrow so early night for me tonight I think.

I will be writing a review post of the Fitbit charge 2 once I have used it for a few weeks, I’ve got a few post ideas for the next few weeks also.